Cookie policy



1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are data in the form of a text file that are stored in your device by your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc), when you visit webpages. The website also uses cookies.

Cookies collect various statistics anonymously, such as the unique connection id of your electronic device, the pages you visit, how long you stay in them etc. By tracking down your visit and behavior while you navigate in a  website, the browsing experience improves,  because the browser remembers your preferences and you see personalized content.

The cookies used by the website are absolutely safe for your device and your files.


2. Categories of the Cookies we use


a) Session Cookies

The session cookies are stored in your device when you visit our website and they are deleted when you leave it. When you visit “” we use 1 session cookie named [pll_language], which is a wordpress plugin cookie that detects the browser language in order to display the content in the proper language for you.

b) Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies remain stored in your browser’s history folder even after the browser closes. The lifetime of their storage varies from 1 day to 2 years, unless they are manually deleted by the user. Persistent cookies are used to remember the user’s preferences and make it more effective and fast to navigate. At, we use 1 cookie of this type, named [cookie_notice_accepted]. This is a wordpress add-on cookie that records your preferences for installing cookies or not. It has a 30 day life span.

c) Third Party Cookies

When sharing the content of this website on social networks with the sharing buttons or when you visit our social media pages in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Vimeo, you should know that these third parties may install cookies. We are not responsible for this installation and we don’t have any authority to manage the operation of these cookies. The terms of use and the management of these cookies are ruled by the cookie policy of each third party that installs them, which you can read in their websites.


3. Manage and delete cookies

Most of the web browsers allow you to manage saved cookies. This is implemented in the browser settings (or options). You can customize these settings to alert you when cookies are to be installed and you can accept or refuse to install them. You can also delete all cookies stored in your device or select which ones to delete.

Disallowing a cookie installation when you first visit “” does not affect the free access and navigation in its web pages. It may, however, prevent the full functionality of your visit to this website.

This cookie policy is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that applies from May 25, 2018. We may change the terms of this policy to keep up with the current Greek and European legislation. Any change to the terms will be communicated by notice to users in a message that will appear at the bottom of the user’s screen the next time he/she visits our site.